Faunaland Ancol – Jakarta

Saturday 28th September, I with some friends visit Faunaland in Ancol. We arrived at Ancol around 10 AM, the sun is arise and the weather is 33oC hot. By taking bus, the Ancol entrance is not too far. You need a ticket to enter Ancol, it is sold at IDR 25K per pax on weekend, but, because we could have it for IDR 5K by getting it through Traveloka. The entrance located at north part of eco park, you can enter from eco park though. In eco park you can rent bike too. Inside fauna land, there’s quite a lot animals there, they have cats related animal such as lion, puma, and any other cats. A lot of birds and …

S10e S10 S10+ Trade In

S10e S10 S10+ trade in price list, 8-10 Maret 2019, Jakarta ada di Central Park dan Kota Kasablanka. Untuk tata cara trade in, diharuskan menggunakan aplikasi Galaxy Trade Smartly. Aplikasi ini berguna untuk melakukan pengecekan awal mengenai kualitas handphone yang akan ditukar (walaupun nanti akan diperiksa lagi). Pemeriksaan berhasil setelah anda mendapatkan kode yang terdiri atas 4-8 digit, perlihatkan kepada petugas, dan anda siap melakukan trade in. Oya, salah satu langkah dalam pemeriksaan kelayakan trade in adalah, menghapus lock screen dan google account, jadi pastikan anda sudah cocok dengan harga yang diberikan sebelum melanjutkan.

Travelling to Thousand Islands: Onrust, Cipir, Kelor

Hello, back to travelling article! This time me and some friends had a short escape to Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta (Thousand Islands). Kepulauan Seribu is an archipelago located at north of Jakarta Bay, as its name, this area consist of a lot of small islands that are close each others. There are many tour available for thousand islands trip, one of them is KiliKili that we’re using that time. We didn’t do proper search back then, and we just realised that the offered price is not so cheap. We got charged IDR 120k per pax while other trip can have IDR 85k even with a better lunch menu ?. Most of them will start from Muara Kamal because the trip will …

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