2019 in minutes

2019 will meet its end in 3 days, and I’m wondering about anything I have got from this year. Many things is happened over my life, both good and bad. In July to August I had an increasing salary, obviously it’s not very special tho because everybody in my office obviously got this too haha. Around October, me and my ex decided to take a break and I regain my old life as an independent man :D. I belief million of couples also had same fate as ours in 2019 :peace:. Back then in 2018, I think I got a lot of achievement and so with 2019. In 2019, I learned many things, from how to do better in social …

Birthday 2018 – Part 2

A day after the first surprise, friends from Ninja Office, also prepare me something very special. They prepare me a video that contains special wishes for me, every single persons make the wishes. Even, some friends from SG branch also bring me the wish, such a great and well organized idea. Couldn’t say anything but thank you, I can see so many efforts behind the results :). Never expect 2018 can be a very special birthday for me.

Birthday 2018 – Part 1

We’re a stranger a month ago, but, she made an unexpected action by giving me a present for my birthday. Not just about the present, as she is best at creating hand lettering, she really put a hand lettering birthday wish to our ice cream. Never expect such much effort from her. So, thank you very much! Oh, we’re not stopped there, I told her the other day that I want to see Universitas Indonesia, and she made my wish come true by spending some hours to Universitas Indonesia. It just a great birthday, great year!

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