She, After 17 months

To be together is good, but to be alone, it’s good too. Today, I’m going to visit Bandung, my hometown and I drop some moment to think about it.

7th April 2019, 12 months have been passed since our first met. a year with her, is neither so smooth nor so rough, but for sure, no relationship between two can be traversed without any conflicts on it. Conflicts did happen, it can be opinion, perspective, or the way we response to the circumstances yet they never be too difficult to be resolved and I’m happy for it.

Many things between us had been changed, yea people changed, but they’re still in a positive boundary. The changes happened both externally and internally. In some way, I can feel the way we look each other now changed, the way we response to any problems, and the way we communicate. Externally, our communities, office, church, family also changes and giving impact to our life, both direct and indirect.

Today, 18th September 2019, I visit this unreleased post and wonder whether I should write more stories. Long story short, 4 days ago, we decided to end ours. Nothing went that bad tho, but, for some reasons, we might need to take a break.

I should start with, nothing can not be changed, but sometimes we don’t want. I know that I still able to hold it, but I don’t want.

Everything begin with unequaled values of our life. Everyone must have different preferences of their values, but sometimes it goes a bit too far each other. Pretty sure it would happen to every couple in this world, but how they react to it would determine the directions of the relationship. No one is wrong, and no one is right.

It happened since months ago and we try to hold it until now but it doesn’t seem to work. I started to feel annoyed with some of her attitude and priority. Something that very unreasonable for me while she found it’s very reasonable. By the time, I start to wonder why we need to push ourself to accept each other if we have a very difference perspective on it. So someday I encourage myself to tell the truth, communicate the issues of our relationship.

It’s not easy as we try to understand each other while give both side chance to think and probably change. I knew that it gonna be difficult. Actually I see a concrete actions of her, but love is not enough to hold a mature relationship. Long story short, we end it, but doesn’t mean that we don’t know each other anymore. Nothing’s wrong between us, but we just need space so we can do retro and learn from it.

It’s been fun with you, I grateful to meet you, I learn many things from you, sure we had done our best, and it will be a great memories. Love you.

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