Road Trip Jakarta to Banyuwangi

Overview October 2022, together with my family, I went to Banyuwangi, East Java, to visit Ijen crater. We drive around 1000 km there, one way trip, where the first 863 km covered by toll road, and the rest 170 km is using old road called “Pantura”. It take us 3 days to go there, with transit in Cirebon, Surabaya, and Banyuwangi, similarly with the way back, but instead of go through Surabaya, we go through Malang. In total, it take us 7 days for the round trip 🙂. In this article, I share my experience during this road trip, includes the restaurant, point of interests in some area that located along the way, and the last but not least, Ijen …

Motivation and Dicipline

Motivation is a feeling that come and goes and it doesn’t matter whether it there or not dicipline is infinitely more important. So no matter how you feel get up and do what you supposed to do, that’s it. And that’s dicipline, not motivation. If you only did what you supposed to do when you motivated to do it, that’s leaving you to a chance. But if you’re dicipline you got to do what you’re supposed to do, that’s how it works. instagam @shademotivation


Why do I live? Has this question ever came to your mind? It come across my mind multiple times, and today, I want to share it. I wrote this article in the train on my way back to Jakarta. Train is one of my favorite place where you can reflect yourself 🙂. I come to this thought as the officer in Bandung Station, give salute when the train was leaving. Right after I see that, I want to capture this moment, but I were not prepared to take the picture of this moment. Still, I give a thought, and I have 2 questions: What is the point of them in doing that!? Are they feel that their role is important? …

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