Virtual Photoshoot

As its name, the photoshoot will be performed where both photographer and talent are not physically at the same place. Yes picture will be taken from the screen while the talent will be on their phone/any camera. And yes, the image quality won’t be better than the screenshot! Then what? Personally I found that it is not the detail of the face or the dynamic range of the picture but it’s the link between photographer and the talent themselves. It still a work with directing, capture the moment, and acting!

Miniature DIY

COVID-19 bring me some ideas how to spend the weekend and miniature DIY is one of them. It can be categorized as a hobby which building/crafting a thematic room/building. You will find all necessaries materials in the package including the cutting tools and glue, so buy one and you can start even when you have nothing around. Usually the kit will give you: 1. wood component, 2. tweezers, 3 .cloth material 4. cutting template 5. plastic flower6. cutting tools 7. glue8. wall/floor sticker So, how’s it help me to kill the time? There’s some work that have to be done. First, gluing the wood component which is easy, you need to glue all the 2 dimension wooden components to make …

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